Tin barrels Seafood Grill

2016-01-29 116
Scallops, North said the scallop, common are two types: one is the so-called long tape, is a group adductor muscle Pinna Kobe classes; the other is a round tape, is the adductor muscle fan class. Which is the river dried scallop dried products, called North scallops. Belts in Guangdong, Hainan coast abounds, is one of the rare seafood. Its cool quality soft, delicious taste, steamed, fried, Youpao ages; this product is Chaozhou, Dongjiang dishes along the strip and fresh bamboo shoots cooked ham, wear the belt in the middle, and then cooked Youpao law, often expensive hot dishes and large board seats.
Tape shellfish molluscs, containing one with lower serum cholesterol Dyer too 7- 24- methylene cholesterol and cholesterol, which both inhibit hepatic cholesterol synthesis and accelerate the excretion of cholesterol in the unique role, so that the body solid liner
Alcohol declined. Their effect is stronger than the commonly used cholesterol-lowering drugs sitosterol. People after eating shellfish, often a refreshing feeling, which lifted some trouble symptom is undoubtedly useful.
Belt very nutritious, high-protein, low-fat. Digestible tape is the best food for dinner. The most important thing is to pick fresh tape, the tape only fresh taste just delicious. Cook scallops, be careful not too long, otherwise easy to become tough. Fine straps, cook a few seconds; tape big grain can cook a minute or two.
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