Hardware purchase skills

2016-01-29 127
1. Hinge: kitchen door switch frequency of up to several thousand times, door hinge pros and cons is very important. Practice has proved that, according to the nature of the use and the cabinet doors arranged accuracy, plus kitchen door itself weight, various domestic kitchen cabinet hinges very difficult to achieve the necessary quality requirements. It is not only the door to the cabinet and accurately link up, but also bear alone the weight of the door, and the switching frequency of up to tens of thousands of cabinet doors, you must also keep the door aligned consistency unaltered or after a period of time possible laughter.
2. The drawer rail: rail is one of the important hardware in cabinet hardware and its importance second only to the hinge, comparatively speaking, superiority and inferiority are not up to distinguish from the appearance and manner of use. The main difference is that materials, principles, structure, equipment, production processes, etc. are not the same and difference. As long as you pay attention a little, you can pull a drawer pull truth. Because of the special environment of the kitchen, the domestic production of rails generally difficult to meet the requirements. Even when you feel good in the short term, longer time will find difficult to push phenomenon. Therefore, in order to ensure long-term sliding drawer composure, you should choose the superior performance of imported brands cabinets.
3. skirting board: often overlooked, in fact, the first cabinet of the problem is that it may. Because it is closest to the ground, if the ground is very wet, it is likely swelling moldy. Skirting boards skirting boards and wooden matte metal skirting board two kinds. Wooden skirting board manufacturers are generally used to make the rest of the cabinet body when scrap and low cost. But very close to the ground skirting board, wood absorbs water easily change the tide, and the water vapor will rise along baseboards jeopardize the entire cabinet body.
4. Baskets: kitchen items are our most frequent daily contact, kitchen utensils are also in daily life most varieties, three meals a day and ultimately, the kitchen and out, more will inevitably move move move pots and pans move. How such a frequent operation of the space to create a good living order is many families faced troubles. And this trouble only by basket - the broad-minded patriots to solve a variety of items will be accommodated arms, without the slightest complaint. Baskets has a large storage space, and it is reasonable to split the space, make a variety of items and appliances get what they want. Maximize the use value. According to different purposes, can be divided into stove basket basket, basket on three sides, drawer basket, ultra-narrow basket, profound basket, corner basket and so on.
5. pumping steel, cutlery tray: steel sauce, cutlery tray size accurate, standardized, easy to clean and are not afraid of pollution, will not be deformed, for maintenance and use of kitchen cabinet drawer has its irreplaceable role, has long been Germany United States, Japan and other developed countries are widely used kitchen company. Therefore, when you observe the rough outer cabinet, each drawer should be opened to see if the use of smoke and steel cutlery tray combination, indicating that the high cost of the product, a combination of more standardized cabinets, on the contrary, if the use of wood drawer, the cost is low. Drawn steel plate and cutlery are also imported and domestic points, mainly in the rail and surface treatment on fastness.
6. Basin: in the kitchen is to use very high frequency of an object, so its choice is particularly important. The most common stainless steel basin, artificial stone, ceramic, stone products, depending on the owner's preferences and overall style kitchen set. If the style of the kitchen more stylish, avant-garde, stainless steel basin more appropriate. This choice not only because of the stainless steel metal texture manifested quite modern, more importantly, easy to clean stainless steel, light weight, but also have corrosion-resistant, high temperature, high humidity, etc., in line with the quality of modern life Claim.
7. faucet: kitchen faucet can be said to be a member and the most gracious person, but in the purchase of its quality is often overlooked. Facts have proved that the kitchen faucet is the most error-prone areas. If you are using inexpensive low-grade faucet, leaking, not timely related consequences will be very serious, and therefore purchase should attach great importance to its quality is good or bad. At the same time the quality of the tap is the incarnation of science and technology, high demands on the process, which happens to meet a lot of fashion aesthetic pursuit of quality of life. Many factors make his cabinet manufacturers to choose more carefully.
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