How home hardware maintenance

2016-01-29 148
Home interior doors is our regular contact, but we often overlook it needs cleaning and maintenance. Any household goods are needs careful maintenance and upkeep, so that the child is to extend its service life.
The first is to teach you how to wipe the door
Door relationship entire inner face of the door, clean, bright door inner door make home sparkle.
For daily cleaning door, use a soft, dry cloth or silk cloth. If the inner door after door has serious stains, use a neutral detergent or furniture special detergent to clean stains; use hard or hard (such as a sticky dust) may scratch the surface , then wipe it dry. But do not rinse with water.
If the door is made of resin or metal, remove minor scratches on the surface, use a soft cloth dipped in a small amount of toothpaste to clean it repeatedly.
If the door is made of wood or paint sheet, periodic waxing bright-colored surface is an effective way to maintain, and glass or resin board needs no waxing.
In fact, how to rub Hardware
Hardware is the soul of the whole interior doors, including handles, lock, hinges, etc., they figure, though small, a significant effect. The key lies in the life of the inner door hardware maintenance.
Stainless steel handle and stainless steel hardware available other light cleaning agent to wipe, can be added to light.
Hinges, hanging round, casters and other moving parts in prolonged exercise may be reduced because of the adhesive dust every six months about a point, two drops of lubricating oil can maintain its smoothness.
When the cylinder rotation is not flexible enough, a small amount of black powder may be scraped from the pencil, light blown keyhole. This is because the graphite component is a good solid lubricant. Avoid oil drops, because it will be more apt to adhere dust.
Drawing particular attention to the rotation direction of the handle, hanged one's strength. In particular, the education of children, do not hang on the doorknob sway, both prone to dangerous and may cause damage to the inner door.
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