• Model:J150330 棕色/白色Size:.
  • Model:J150329 M/SSize:.
  • Model:J1310227Size:17×14×48CM
  • Model:J120345Size:25.5X9.8X8.5CM
  • Model:J160842Size:35.5X16X19.5CM
  • Model:J160819Size:28.3X11X22
  • Model:J121032Size:27×15.5×15CM
  • Model:J150158Size:19X1.5X21CM
  • Model:J120348Size:29X3.5X8.5CM
  • Model:CY1302204/3Size:30X4.5X12CM
  • Model:CY1302204/5Size:50×4.5×12CM
  • Model:J131065Size:.
  • Model:GRK0885Size:.
  • Model:4520935601524Size:.
  • Model:223263Size:.
  • Model:J150309Size:25X17.5X41CM
  • Model:J140173-SSize:16X6.3X24.5CM
  • Model:J161140Size:20X10X30CM
  • Model:J151025Size:17.5×16CM(小)
  • Model:J150357Size:22X11.5X38CM
  • Model:J1302183Size:24.5X16X2.5CM
  • Model:J120401Size:11.4×14×26CM
  • Model:J140190Size:11.5X11.5X34CM
  • Model:J1302113Size:23×23×32CM
  •        CHENG YI GLOBAL LTD. was established in 2008, located in a city known as the famous hometown of overseas Chinese in Jiangmen City, is a research and development, production and sales, in order to produce iron household and outdoor products, and foreign trade domestic trade in one of the iron metal products manufacturers.
           Plant a large, strong technical force, advanced machinery and equipment, use of scientific management, more independent R & D and manufacturing capabilities, products with ...
    Address:2/F,Cheng Yi building, Jinggen industrial park, Duruan town, Pengjiang district, Jiangmen city,
                    Guangdong province, China