How to prevent hardware damage

2016-01-29 351
Hardware is a modern construction industry an indispensable part of building materials, both windows and doors industry, plumbing industry, the cabinet industry, the furniture industry, decoration industry, etc., are widely applied to hardware products, not only in small hardware these industries play an important role in connecting, bearing role, but also has a very decorative effect highlights, but if you install or use these products contain hardware process, do not pay attention to them, then it can cause small damaged pieces of hardware, and how to prevent damage to the hardware it? today small as you put together the following several methods, hope to help you!
Hardware damage prevention measures:
1, the choice of hardware accessories models, specifications and performance should be consistent with existing national standards and regulations, and with the choice of plastic doors and windows to match.
2, the width of more than 1m of the sliding window, or install double-glazed windows and doors, should set up a dual pulley, or use the scroll wheel.
3, sliding hinge shoring shall aluminum alloy, stainless steel should be used.
4, fastening screws mounting hardware must be equipped with a metal liner, the liner thickness should be at least more than twice the fastener tooth pitch. Shall not be fastened to the plastic profiles, nor non-metallic liner.
5, hardware accessories should be the final installation, lock the doors and windows, door handles, etc. should be in the window and then assembled into the box, ensure the correct position, switch flexible.
6, hardware after installation should pay attention to maintenance, to prevent rust corrosion. In everyday use lighter open light off to prevent off hard hard to open, resulting in damage.
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